About Our Canvases & Prints

The canvases are made from high quality materials with a thick frame, which adds to the overall high-quality feel of the final product. The canvases are well wrapped and packaged so they arrive in pristine condition. Obviously the same goes for our prints!

There are 4 different frame sizes to choose from: 30×45 inch, 22×32 inch, 16×22 inch, and 11×16 inch. To get the most impact and make it a centrepiece we suggest you go for the 30×45 inch version. It costs a bit more, but it is definitely worth it when you hold it in your hands (and hang it on your wall).

We have 25 different standard colours available for you to choose from (you know, just to make it easy for you and to give you some inspiration), but if you have a particular colour you’d like, just let us know what your preferred RGB code is and we’ll get it printed. Check out this handy tool to pick your perfect colour and let us know what colour you’d like when you order.

Please note that picture frames shown for our prints are for display only and not included in the price.

champagne personalised word canvas