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Ingleton Waterfalls Walk With The Family – A New Year’s Day Adventure.

About us

Ever wondered where the name RedBlueYou comes from? Think of a rhyme with roses and violets and you'll get there pretty quickly... Here at RedBlueYou we love pretty things, be they roses, violets, pretty bespoke canvas art or anything else that is pleasing on the eye. We enjoy making them, hopefully just as much as you will enjoy having them on your wall, or giving them to friends and family as gifts.

As if young motherhood wasn't enough, RedBlueYou was started by Alexandra Elliott in an attempt to make the world more bespoke. Who wouldn't want something unique to them and their memories, right? Well, we made a start and aim to add more personalised items to our range. Have any suggestions or ideas? Why not get in touch with us. We'd love to hear from you!

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