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  • About this Personalised Word Print or Canvas

    With this personalised word print or canvas ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE - Any Colour, Any Wording, Any Size. This is a truly personal keepsake or special gift for a close friend or family. For example, make it a personalised print for your life story so far and include your place of birth, the road you grew up on, where you met your other half, got engaged and married. Include your favourite holiday destinations, where you have lived, or worked, why not include the GPS coordinates of a special place that means the world to you. But why stop there? The content is completely up to you, go wild. More than any other print or canvas, this personalised beauty makes a great personal gift for couples. It is unique to the lucky couple who get to hang it on their wall. Never again try and get gifts to suit them both and please neither. Find out more about our canvases and prints (and custom colour options).
  • Ding Ding -  you found the Say My Name! This bad boy is one of our most popular designs, totally precious and perfect for that new arrival! This word canvas HAS to be personalised, our names make us who we are: from Bluebell to Jessica, or Sebastian to Harry. So how do you get in on the Say My Name action? Well, all you have to do is send us the name you'd like on the Say My Name word canvas and we'll do the rest. We'll even find the definition of the name, unless you'd prefer to provide your own, which is also cool too. Nothing's too personalised for us here at RedBlueYou! This word canvas is a perfect gift for young or old, for a christening, a birthday, or simply someone special who deserves a personal gift. Find out more about our canvases and prints (and custom colour options).